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Punjab National Bank (PNB) has introduced the PNB SMS Banking Facility for the customer. The PNB SMS Banking facility can be avail after registering the mobile number for SMS Alert Service. The customer can track their accounts, round the clock through SMS Banking Service. The Facilities are available by sending keyword (in predefined formats according to services) through SMS to 5607040. The customer can be in the Smart position to detect any unauthorized access to your accounts. For example – SMS “PNB PROD” to 5607040 for the list of services offered by PNB.

PNB SMS Banking Mode: – The Punjab National Bank customer’s (Account Holder) can avail this PNB SMS Banking facility by using any mobile phone which is capable to send and receive SMS with registered Mobile number. The PNB user needs to create SMS in the predefined format as per the service required by him/her and send it to PNB SMS Banking Number which is 5607040 or 9264092640.

PNB SMS Banking

PNB SMS Banking Operations – Usage tips for the customers :

• The customer can check the account balance, get MINI Statement, and get a status of cheques; Execute stops payment of cheques and self-transfer fund of (Rs. 5000 /- daily limit) anytime.
• To avail, the facility of  PNB SMS Banking, send SMS with the pre-defined code as mentioned below to 5607040 – 9264092640.

Punjab National Bank SMS Banking Pre-Define Keyword Format code for “View Only facility” Without Mobile Banking Facility.

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Facility Short Code Format of the SMS message Example
Balance Inquiry BAL BAL 16 digit a/c number BAL 0095xxxxxxxxxxxx
Mini Statement
MINSTMT 0095xxxxxxxxxxx
Stop Payment of
No.a/c number
STPCHQ cccccc
Cheque statusinquiry CHQINQ CHQINQCheque
number A/c number
CHQINQ cccccc
Hot Listing of
Debit Card
HOT HOTDebit Card Number HOT xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Punjab National Bank SMS Banking Pre-Define Keyword Format code for with Mobile Banking Facility.




Short Code Format of the SMS message Example
A/c Statement
STMT STMTmonth 16 digit
a/c number
Cheque Book
of leaves required
CHKBK 0095xxxxxxxxxxxx
Self Transfer of
SLFTRF SLFTRFFrom a/c no.,To a/c No.,amount SLFTRF 0095xxxxxxxxxxxx
0095yyyyyyyyyyyy 100
Change SMS
New SMS Password
CHNGPWD 22222 3333

PNB SMS Banking – MMID Based Banking

MMID means Mobile Money Identifier number. This is a seven digit unique number issued by the respective bank to their customer which contains the respective bank industry code. As in the case of PNB, the code is 024. Mobile Banking Services are given to the customers on their accounts opened under the same Customer ID and MMID is allotted for the account in the same Customer ID for an example. If the customer has 4 accounts then the MMIDs can be 9024812, 9024813, 9024814 and 9024815.

How can PNB Customer get His/Her MMID Code?

PNB Mobile Banking User can get his/her MMID code by sending a pre-defined text message “MMID” to 5607040 or 9264092640 from his/her registered mobile number. MMID will be shown for all the account issued under the same Customer ID and having the same registered mobile number.

PNB SMS Banking by Using MMID – IMPS

PNB IMPS PIN:- IMPS stands for Interbank Mobile Payment Service / Immediate Payment Service) PIN is a seven digit number which is the combination of 4 digit running SMS password and last 3 digits of remitter’s (sender) MMID of the account to be debited.  The PNB SMS IMPS facility is free of charge by the Bank. However, telecom charges on SMS would be as per tariff of the telecom service provider.

Facility Short Code Format of the SMS message Example
IMPS Intra bank and interbank remittance up to Rs. 5000/- per day per customer
Generate 7 digit
MMID MMID You will receive a list of MMIDs mapped with the all accounts linked to your USER ID
To cancel
Method 1 for
Fund Transfer
IMPS IMPS<space>Beneficiary Mobile Number<space>Beneficiary MMID<space>amount<space>IMPS PIN IMPS 9999999999 1234567 100 2222111
Method 2 for
fund transfer
IMPS IMPS<SMS password><Debit a/c no><Beneficiary Mobile No.><Beneficiary MMID><Amount> IMPS 2222 0095yyyyyyyyyyyy
9999999999 1234567 100

PNB SMS Alert Service

PNB SMS Alert Service sent the transaction SMS on the registered mobile number for all the transaction done through Cards (ATMs, POS, E-Commerce), Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, CDM, etc. Alert for over the counter transactions for amount Rs. 5000/- & above. (Pension Accounts :- Rs 1000/- & above). Charges for SMS Alerts Service Quarterly @ Rs. 15/- +Service Tax with following exemptions:-

  • Citizen Accounts
  • Vidyarthi Accounts
  • Mitra Accounts
  • Accounts opened under PMJDY
  • Staff & Ex-staff accounts
  • Accounts opened under Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (PMJDY)

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